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General English (GE)

The General English course develops your confidence in using English when living, studying or working in an English-speaking environment.

You should choose this course if you would like the enjoyment and stimulation of improving your English in a modern university environment.

General English is suitable for a range of English levels. The course is offered from the elementary CEFR A2/General English 2 level to the Intermediate Plus CEFR B1/ General English 5 level.

What the course involves

You will learn general English and other language skills that you can use in everyday situations. Each level comprises two five-week modules.


You will be assessed with the following: a reading test, two writing tasks, a listening test, a speaking assessment, and a grammar and language test.

Course essentials

CRICOS code: 081750B
Duration (each level): 10 weeks
Weekly contact hours: 20
English level required for entry:

  • General English 2: IELTS 3.0 overall or equivalent
  • General English 3: IELTS 3.5 overall or equivalent
  • General English 4: IELTS 4.0 overall or equivalent
  • General English 5: IELTS 4.5 overall or equivalent

Course pathways: Successful completion of one level will allow you to gain entry into the level above.

Sample General English Timetable

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

(120 mins)

Process writing: Writing assessment


Task: Talking about plans using and applying ‘be going to’ in the sentence

Process writing / Feedback

Reading gist and referencing skills

Language: Verbs and prepositions Portfolio writing: Editing and peer correction of an information email

(120 mins)

Task: Identifying relative clauses Speaking assessment: Preparation and practice Language: Paraphrasing and explaining Speaking: In-class speaking assessment Practical English: Words and phrases related to ‘restaurants’
Listening to and understanding problems in a restaurant