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Prepare for Success in and out of the classroom

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If you want to gain entry to a university in an English speaking country, having a strong understanding of the English language is essential. 

We deliver a number of courses to help improve your English skills for university entry and academic study.

If you are below the equivalent of IELTS 5, you will start with General English delivered in partnership with Navitas. This will help develop your language skills in preparation for Gateway English course. When you pass General English this will qualify you to move on to Gateway English

The Gateway English course develops your English language and independent study skills. When you pass Gateway English, you will qualify to move on to English Language Bridging or to Curtin College.

The English Language Bridging course satisfies the minimum English language requirement for Curtin University.  It’s a direct pathway into Curtin and you will not need to sit another IELTS test.

If you are unsure which course is suitable to help achieve your goals, please contact our enquiries team for help and advice.